Mortality from cancer of the population living close to a large enterprise of the nuclear industry
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злокачественные новообразования
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There was analyzed cancer mortality of residents of Seversk, located close to the world’s largest complex of enterprises of the nuclear industry - the Siberian Chemical Enterprise (the period from 01.01.1970 till 31.12.2005). For comparison there were used rates of cancer mortality in the nearest town (Tomsk), similar in climate-geographical, economic and social conditions. The study found that cancer mortality of Seversk residents during the period 1970-2005 increased in 3.2 times (from 70.2 to 223.5 per 100 000). Among the causes of cancer mortality in men there were prevailed tumors of the digestive system as well as blood and lymphatic tissues. In women, the leading causes of death were tumors of the digestive system, the genitals and the breast. Standardized rates of cancer mortality in the Seversk population were lower than in residents of Tomsk, except female mortality due to hematological malignancies and malignant tumors of the urinary tract and genitals.
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